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Prices from RM47.40/pc

Great as gifts and wall decoration in your home or work place!

Prices from RM70.85/pc

Go for a more simple and classic decor for your home.

Prices from RM44.85/pc

Slim and sleek looking, great to use when you have limited space.

Prices from RM0.61/pc

Get your polaroid style photos printed!

Prices from RM22.50/pc

Print your favourite picture on a mug, no more boring mornings!

     Prices from RM2.53/pc

Put up your family picture on your fridge!

Prices from RM0.39/pc

Not your ordinary photographs, these last a really long time and it's great to use as post cards too!

Prices from RM18.90/pc

Large format prints at an affordable price, printed on thick art card, vibrant colours and surface is resistant to scratch and wiping!

Prices from RM4.50/pc

Get your customised cards for different occasion; wedding, farewell, birthday etc

Prices from RM0.15/pc

Label your business needs, your children's stationeries, party packs and many more...

Prices from RM1.90/pc

Make reading fun with our customised  photo print bookmarks!

        Prices from RM6.93/pc

Pin up wherever you go! 

Prices from RM0.28/pc

The more you print, the cheaper it gets!

Choose from Round, Square, Portrait or Landscape style.

Prices from RM2.53/pc

A great way to remind your customers of your business.

Prices from RM15.40/pc

Complete your gift with our customised gift wrappers.


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