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1. Photo Mug 11oz RM45.00 RM18.00

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1. 8x8 inch Square Canvas Tiles/Prints

RM79.00 RM51.35

2. 8x8 inch Square Canvas Tiles/Prints (Set of 4) 

RM316.00 RM99.00

3. 10x10 inch Square Canvas Prints RM99.00 RM64.35

4. 12x12 inch Square Canvas Prints RM159.00 RM103.35

5. 18x18 inch Square Canvas Prints RM229.00 RM148.85

6. 24x24 inch Square Canvas Prints RM289.00 RM187.85

7. 36x36 inch Square Canvas Prints 

RM449.00 RM291.85


1. 12x16.5 inch A3 Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) RM35.00 RM12.25

2. 16x24 inch A2 Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) 

RM55.00 RM19.25

3. 20x30 inch Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) 

RM70.00 RM24.50

4. 23x33 inch A1 Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) 

RM75.00 RM26.25

5. 24x36 inch Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) 

RM80.00 RM28.00

6. 33x47 inch A0 Poster Print (Portrait/ Landscape) 

RM160.00 RM56.00

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1. 12x12 inch Square Framed Print RM159.00 RM103.35

2. 18x18 inch Square Framed Print RM299.00 RM194.35

3. 24x24 inch Square Framed Print RM359.00 RM233.35

4. 8x10 inch Square Framed Print RM109.00 RM70.85

5. 11x14 inch Framed Print (Portrait/ Landscape) RM139.00 RM90.35

6. 12x18 inch Framed Print (Portrait/ Landscape) RM169.00 RM109.85

7. 20x30 inch Framed Print (Portrait/ Landscape) RM399.00 RM259.35

8. 24x36 inch Framed Print (Portrait/ Landscape) RM499.00 RM324.35

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1. 8x8 inch Square Canvas Lite

RM69.00 RM44.85

2. 8x8 inch Square Canvas Lite (Set of 4) 

RM276.00 RM89.00

3. 12x12 inch Square Canvas Lite RM159.00 RM103.35

4. 18x18 inch Square Canvas Lite RM259.00 RM168.35

5. 8x12 inch Canvas Lite (Portrait/ Landscape) RM99.00 RM64.35

6. 12x18 inch Canvas Lite (Portrait/ Landscape) RM159.00 RM103.35

7. 20x30 inch Canvas Lite (Portrait/ Landscape) RM218.00 RM141.70


1. 24 pieces 4x6 inch 4R Photo Print RM18.90 RM9.45

2. 5 pieces 5x7 inch 5R Photo Print RM17.00 RM8.50

3. 2 pieces 8x10 inch 8R Photo Print RM16.00 RM8.00

4. 1 pieces 11x14 inch 11R Photo Print RM25.00 RM12.50

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